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Help! I'm new, Where do I start?

First of all Welcome to the FreeStyler DMX wiki.

I'm going to show you some Links, in the order you should read them.
For a start it is good to know how to Select your DMX device, Patching Fixtures and Creating your own sequences and knowing how to play them back.

The Basics

1. Selecting the proper Interface this should be “Virtual interface” for 3d view or your own device.

Setup Menu

2. Add & remove fixtures.

Adding and removing fixtures to FreeStyler

3. Selecting your fixtures.

Fixture Selection

4. Panel Description.

This can be handy to know but I will give you 3 links that gives some useful information.(There are more links on the front page)
Right side Sliders
Lamp Panel
Pan / Tilt Panel

5. Creating your own Sequences

Using the Sequence editor

6. Playback a Sequence

Playback a Sequence

X. DMX400
DMX400 is a Stand alone Chase system - you can really easy add some Parcans or ledPars to it, this way you have your parcans or ledpars running chases in Seconds.

How to use the DMX 400

How do I create my own Fixtures?

There is One page that answers almost all your questions, so take a look.

How to make your own fixture files for FreeStyler

Advanced Programming

with these tools you can make all kinds of effects really easily.

FX (Located in the “Create sequence” Window)
Bezier Shape Panel (Located in the “Pan/tilt” Window)
Fanning Panel (Located in the “Pan/tilt” Window)

Advanced Playback

there are 4 different way's you can play back your sequences, but you can only use one system at a time.

1. Cue window (Basic)

Playback a Sequence

2. Time code (start a sequence on Time HH:MM:SS)


3. Cuelist buttons (The cuelist buttons are used to start a complete cue at once)

4. Submaster (here you can Drag cue files to a select boxes, for more control of the fixtures)


X. Overide buttons (you can always use this, to start the First step of a sequence. and more)

Programmable Override Buttons

Programming examples

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