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Setup Menu

The FreeStyler Setup menu can be found under “Setup”.

Under this menu the following can be found and set.

Add/Remove fixtures

FreeStyler Setup

Interface Setup

If FreeStyler is used for Demo without interface or 3D view then “Virtual Interface” can be used.
As an “Advanced” setting the refreshrate of the output can be set. This determine how often the fixtures are updated.
A lower value will give a higher speed.
Note: Some fixture can, if they have a reset via DMX, be overloaded with data and thereby make a reset. So don’t run with higher speed than necessary.
TIP: 3D view and the DMX device can also run at the same time

This sets all DMX values on the output to 0. This can be helpful if something comes out of control and a start from the basic is needed. Alternative FreeStyler can be restarted.

The Supported interfaces can be found here. supported dmx interfaces

External Control setup external control

Preferences setup_menu_preferences

Use global colors

Dark theme

Dark theme changes the background color in the panels from white to a dark gray.

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