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The color panel is almost self explaining of what color can be set to which function.


The Correction panel are used to offset the value of a channel.
In this figure channel 11 has an offset of 20 which are added to the value from the control.
If for example the control is set to 128 then the value on channel 11 will be 148.
The range of the correction is -99 to 255.
The correction is not active before it is saved.

In the “Output” → “Show Output” the channel that are corrected will be red marked

Extra Options

Open cue and overridebuttons on Startup

When enabled the Cue window and the overridebuttons panel will automatically be opened when Freestyler is started.

Automatically expand faders when fixture selected.

When enabled the fader panel located to the right in Freestyler window will automatically expand when a fixture is selected.

Normally it is hidden and are to be touched before it expands.

Cue Multiselect always enabled

When more cues are to run in parallel this multiselect are to be enabled.
This is the case when sub masters are to be used.

Cue “Go to previous value” always enabled.

When enabled the vales for the channels that has been changed by the cue will have there values prior to the cue start.
With this enabled it is for all cues.
A similar function is available in the cue panel but there it has to be set for each single item in the cue.

Send DMX data to Martin LightJockey

Please enter info

Use transparency on window with no focus

Highlight the window in focus and gray out the others.

Reset Freestyler to factory defaults

Will bring Freestyler back to original settings. The reset will first take place after Freestyler has been restarted.

Reset windows position

This will bring windows back if they are lost. This can happen if monitors are shifted to other sizes and so on.
It is also possible to reset windows position in the “Window” menu.

Increase process priority.

On some systems FS didn't start the first time. To overcome this problem the priority can be increased.
This don’t speed up processes or anything else.


The Password protection is used to protect the access to the Freestyler Setup.
“Setup” is removed from the menu bar.
All other function will still be access able.

The setting of the password is straight forward.
If it is the first time then the wanted password just have to be entered in the two Enter new password boxes.
The Password window has check boxes in the right side where it is possible select which areas to protect with the Password.
If it is a password change then the old password are to be entered additionally.
To delete the password leave the new password box empty.
It can be necessary to close the program to deactivate the password protection.

To unlock the ”Setup” goto the file menu and select “Enter password and disable security”.

The ”Enter Password” popup will appear.

If the Password protection are to be enabled again then it is done by setting up the password again.

Pan / Tilt resize.

Sometimes when you preprogrammed sequences for a special location and you might want to use the same sequences on another location then you are able to resize the pan & tilt movements (going from 1 to 120%).

The resizing only works in the cue window (no shapes yet)!
Note: Direct copy from help file.

This is a general resizing that will affect all cues with movement control.
It is not possible to just resize the movement for a group of fixture with this setting.


Patch is a simple but effective way to place the same control on more channels.
Her the Pan channel 11 is patched to Pan channel 25.
This means that the vale from channel 25 also is set on channel 11 and the original control to this channel is omitted.

The patching is not active before it has been saved.

The patched channel are marked with red in the “Output”→”Show Output” window.
Her channel 25s value 92 is also send on channel 11


Zone can be used to group fixtures into tabs.
This can be useful when there are some secondary lights to control.
It will be possible to have a clean workspace where only fixtures that are related are placed.

Note. Zones are not more DMX universes. It is still only one 512 channel universe.

The setup of each zone / tab are simply a name with max 10 char.
It is possible to insert a background on each tab.
Freestyler may need to be restarted before the background are correct.

A small trick.
To add a background on freestyler without enabling zone just add the image name in the main zone background.
The tabs will not be shown but the image will.

The background images has to fit the monitor in advance because it is not possible to size or center it in this setup.

Here 4 Zones are defined Main rig, Dancefloor, Bar and hall.
But it could also have been a LED matrix that has been placed in a zone.
A matrix normally have many fixtures and if they only are running in predefined cues or LedTrix then they don’t need to be in the main window.
So a nice way to have a clean work space.

When zone is enabled the Add fixture gets an extra field to select which zone the fixtuer are to be placed in.

And the same for the right click on the fixture. It also gets a “move to zone” control.

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