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Using DMX400

DMX400 is a build-in chaser with 9 predefined programs that can control up to 12 channels.
The chaser is simplified a sequencer that switch on and off the channels in a given order. Here the 9 predefined programs.

The Chaser can be used on all fixtures that has a intensity channel or RGB channels defined.
If a dimmer pack is used as fixture then each channel has to be defined as intensity channel.

When RGB fixtures are used the chaser can be set to shift color in different ways.


Select the number of channels that are to be controlled.
It can be 4, 6, 8 or 12.

The fixtures that DMX400 are to control shall be added as normal Freestyler fixtures.
Link to Add fixtures.Adding and Removing Fixtures in FreeStyler
Right click on the selected fixtures select “Use in DMX400” in the popup menu.

Note: this is also the place to disconnect fixtures from DMX400.

When the fixtures are selected the this popup comes and DMX400 channel are to be patched.

DMX400 Control

Each channel has a fader that sets the intensity of each channel..
This is the value that will be used when the chaser switch on the channel.

Bellow the fader is a flash button. This is used to turn on the channel at any time.

Above the fade is a small square that monitor the channel. It is intensity and color that can be seen.

Mode select.
Program is used to switch to the next sequence in the chaser. The running program no. can be seen above.

Static / Chaser is used to switch between the Chaser mode and a static mode where the program is stopped or freezed.

Master Control.

This is master intensity and are used to adjust the overall intensity on all DMX400 channels.

This is used to set the intensity when the channels are off. This can be used to keep a small glow in the fixture.

Is used to adjust the how fast the steps are shifted.

This is used to adjust the time automated program shift.
It determine for how long time a program are to run before it shift to the next program.
This function need to be enabled with the Auto Change program button.

This fader is used to adjust how long time it takes to turn on and of a lamp.
This function need to be enabled with the Toggle Fading button.

Flash button.
Turn On all channels as long as the button is pressed.

Blackout button.
Turn off all channels and there by all fixtures.

Auto Change program button.
Makes an automatic change from one program to the next.

Toggle Fading button.
This turns on and off the fading function.
When off the shift from one step to the next is snap.
When on the shift is fading from one step to the next.


When RGB fixtures are used then DMX400 can also shift color during the program.

Disable color changing.
This stops the color in the setting that are present when it is stopped.

All Same color
A program will run all the steps in the same color and then shift the color and run all the steps again
Example. All steps will be preformed in red, then shift to blue and the steps repeated and so on for all colors.

10 vivid colors
Here the color will change for the lamp in the step. The first lamp may be blue and the next lamp turner on may be green. Next time the lamp is turned on it will have a new color.

Sound Control.
The chase can be sound controlled from the sound 2 light module.
Right click on the selected fixtures and select “React to Sound” in the popup.

To enable the sound to light module see Sound to Light Interface

Note: When running sequences at the same time: the chaser only works when in a sequence the corresponding channels are set to” off”. If in a sequence the same channels are marked as “Fade” or “Snap” then the sequence has priority and the DMX400 channels are ignored.

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