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Panel Description - Bezier Shapes

This window show the pre-programmed shape pattern that the movement control will follow if activated.

It is worth to keep in mind that though the shapes are pre-defined they still are to be put into a sequence.
This is not a standalone movement control but as a gobo is set in the sequence then Shapes are used the same way.
Note: If a cue is running shape also has to be added to this cue, via a sequence, else the shape generator will be overridden.

The shape are selected in movement control and in this shape window it is possible to modify shape and save it for later use.
The modifications are reset when shape are reselected. If the changes are to be used later then they are to be saved.
To keep orientation of the shape the yellow spot marks the starting point of the shape.
The movement are clockwise round the shape.

The following shapes are default available.

These shapes can be modified.
Here flipped.
FlipX means that the shape is turned up – down and the FlipY shift the side of the shape.
Flipin X and Y gives a pattern moving the counter clock direction.

On the “+” and “-“ it is possible to increase or decrease the shape size.

The shape can be rotated selecting “Rot” and then pressing the “+” or “-“ down right.

The shape can additional be modified point by point with the mouse. By picking up the small colored points they can be moved around the shape forming it in smooth curves. The corners can make sharp points and the blue points will give smooth transitions.
It can be a bit tricky to pickup the points.

Additional the shape can be picked up and moved around with the mouse.

The modified shape can be save by pressing “Save” and it will show up in the shape select menu.

A minor tutorial on how to use the shapes in sequences can be found here. Bezier Shape tutorial.

An alternative way to edit the shape can be found here. Edit bezier shapes in notepad
It is a “how to” edit direct in the shape file where the benefit are a preceise point definition. This can be difficult to obtain in the shape panel.

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