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Bezier Shape tutorial.

Bezier Shape is some predefined movements that can be fitted and used in a sequence. This can be handy when some complex movements are to be generated and they can be generated fast.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basics in sequence creations.

Select the wanted fixture and open the “Sequence panel”.

Open the “Movement panel”, select the shape.
Here ”Flower”.
Press “ON” and then “Shape” to open the view the shape.

Scale the figure and move it to the wanted position.
As the figure has been turned on the changes can be seen immediately.

Save the sequence.
Pan and Tilt don’t have to be set to fade as this is implicit in this function.

Repeat this for all the wanted shapes.

Collect the created sequences in a cue and import it in a Sub Master.

For more information in Bezier see here Panel Description - Bezier Shapes.

Tips. It is possible to make something that looks like a delay by taking the shape and rotate it for each fixture.
Example: 4 fixture. No.1 not rotated. No 2 rotated 90 deg. No 3 rotated 180 deg. No 4 rotated 270 deg.
This naturally has to be in the same sequence and the same step in the sequence.

Another tip could be to have some of the movingheads to run the other way round.
Instead of more movingheads following the same path then deselect all movingheads and select for example each second and press “Flip Y” and “Flip X”.
This will give that each second movinghead will run the same pattern but half of them in inverse path.
Try to mix this.
Be creative.

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