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Joystick control

The joystick control is enabled by checking “on” the checkbox.
When this is enabled all buttons on the joystick is active.
To control movement the external “Toggle pan/tilt” are be used.
This makes it possible to switch the movement control between normal fader control and joystick control.

It is a bit tricky to use joystick as control for follow spot.
A moving head has 540 deg rotation on the pan axis and this gives that a small touch on the joystick move the beam to the other end of the room.
If there are a well defined path that the spot has to follow then it may be easier to make a sequence that can step the spot and then manually step it or make many single scene sequences that can be attached to override buttons.

The joystick buttons are configured in the “Keyboard Shortcuts” where the wanted function is selected and the joystick button to control it is pressed.
In this example the shutter is configured to open on Joystick key Joy1 and closed on Joy2

“Toggle pan/tilt” can be configured on all external controls, Keyboard shortcuts, touchscreen, midi and so on. See External control

In the Keyboard shortcuts the Toggle pan/tilt control button can be set to a key or alternative a joystick button.
This makes it possible to use a button on the joystick to toggle between normal and joystick control for pan and tilt.

In the example the “j” key is used to toggle movement control.

Note that the text can vary a bit here it is “Enable joystick” and in other it is “Toggle joystick pan/tilt”
Until the text has been updated for all external controls try out which one works correct.

PS3 or Xbox controllers.
Using an alternative joystick control like xbox or PS controllers a small trick are to be used.

As the controlers don’t run native on PC then a small pice of software are neede.
There are more on the net and for “PS3 dual shock 6 axis control” and “xbox360” one of them is “motioninjoy”.

With this driver the PS 3 controller can be used as game controller for the PC and thereby joystick controller for FreeStyler.

To install and configure the driver look at motioninjoy homepage for a description.

One thing worth to mention is that each of the buttons and axis controls are to be configured.

In this example Joy1 button is set to be the PS3 “Triangle”. Joy2 is Circle, Joy3 is Cross and so on.
This is set by the user during configuration.

The movement control for Pan and Tilt is the Joystick X and Y axis control.
This is here configures to be the “PS3 Right stick x” and “PS3 Right stick y”.

Joystic, gamepad or arrows

Joystic for Freestyler Control Pan / Tilt movement, set position and get the device, adjust the speed Pan / Tilt movement, especially in the use of balls and weddings. Click here to joystick

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