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System questions

This page replaces the old Hardware Requirements

System requirements.

What are the system requirements?

This is a very good question.
The software is intended to run on all Windows based PC’s.
Depending on how complex the setup are the more resources it requires.
As Raphael can't have a lot of various PC’s up running and testing the versions on them the part of testing on small (retired) PC’s are up to the forum users.

A basic setup with only a laptop and a usb-dmx dongle.
Where 3D easy view in not used can run on almost all PC’s that can boot.
At the moment I have a FreeStyler version 3.4.6 running on a Pentium, 1.73 MHz, 1 GB Ram without problems.

But it may run as low as FreeStyler 3.2.0 running on a 386 with 64 MB RAM.
It may take looooooooooooooong time to load fixtures and make the sequence but the play back will work perfectly.

On the other end, a FreeStyler system running full blown with:

  • 4 monitors (one touch screen and one reserved for 3D easy view, where 3D easy view have a lot of graphics to update)
  • Full Midi interface with midi-ox or other midi manipulation software
  • iPhone, iPad or Android interface
  • Joystick

will require quite a fast PC.

Can I run more than one instance of FreeStyler DMX on the same PC?
This is one of the questions that pop-up from time to time.
It is only possible to run one FreeStyler DMX 512 at the time on each PC.
If more than 512 channels are needed, then it has to be split on more PC’s.
It is of course possible to have more versions of FreeStyler installed in different folders but as mentioned above only one can run at the time.

FreeStyler platform
FreeStyler only exists on windows platform. It will run on XP, SP3 or higher.
It don’t exist in a native Mac or Linux platform version.

USB–DMX dongles
All the supported will dongles will run on FreeStyler but if you have a dongle that are not on the list then drop a note in the support forum in it will be added quit fast.
There are two types of dongles. The ones with out build-in clock generator and the ones with.
The one without build-in clock generator get the DMX clock from the PC and this will of course use some resources.
The more pro dongles have this clock generation build-in.

If a dongle are to be recommended then it is “Enttec pro” because it has a built-in clock generator.
Supported DMX Interfaces

Touch Screens
FreeStyler doesn't have any requirements to Touch Screen monitors so the manufactures requirements are to be checked.

Midi Interfaces
FreeStyler supports 1 Midi channel and thereby 127+0 note.
The notes are to be CC, (Control Change) and a value range 0 to 127 (7 bit)

Enttec wings

Enttec wings are produced by
There is no special requirement on this topic.

Remote control

– Please enter info if you have any or post it in the forum under WIKI then we will try to place it here –

– Please enter info if you have any or post it in the forum under WIKI then we will try to place it here –

Android devices
The Android app will run on Android 1.6 and later versions.

FreeStyler runs with a normal joystick but can also work with PS or Xbox controls.
If PS or Xbox controllers are used then a driver that convert the control to a normal interface are needed but this can be found on the net.

This part is used when FreeStyler runs in server mode and there is no special requirements at the moment.

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