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Hardware Requirements

A computer of some description capable of running the Windows operating system of XP or above.
FreeStyler has been designed and developed to run on the Windows operating system, there is not a native version of FreeStyler for MAC, Linux or any other operating system.
I do not actually know what the minimum spec for running FreeStyler is but Magic 3D Easy View needs at Microsoft DirectX 9b or above installed to run correctly and the minimum specification for that is shown below.

Minimum computer requirements for Magic 3D Easy View:

  • PC computer working under Windows XP or above
  • 800 Mhz speed processor
  • 512 MB Memory (RAM)
  • Video card supporting Microsoft Direct 3D with 32 Mb Memory
  • 800*600 pixel screen

Personally to run FreeStyler and Magic 3D Easy View I would go for a computer with at least twice that spec, with a 256mb video card that has a dual head to run a 2nd monitor to put Magic 3D Easy View on and the touchscreen interfaces from FreeStyler.

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