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Tilt Wave Tutorial

The idea is here to generate a traveling wave with a series of moving heads by moving the tilt channel one by one.

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basics of creating sequences.

FreeStyler doesn’t have a build-in function that can generate “partly sine” / “Pulse” wave that looks like bellow.

However there is a possibility to make a look alike.
In the sequence generator “FX” select, “Chase” and “Tilt” channel.

Imagine the fixtures standing on the floor and that it has a tilt range of 270 deg.
The tilt value 42, will give a horizontal beam and the value 99 will give an up beam of 60 deg.
And the “Per no of fixtures” gives how many fixtures that will be up at the time.

On the fader change it from “Snap” to “Fade”.

And add this to all steps.

How will this look.
The wave will travel from one side to the other.
There will be one moving head moving up, one will be up and one moving down.

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