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Fixture Creator - Fogger tutorial

Fog machines normally comes with one or two DMX channels control.

This makes it simple to config a fixture in “Fixture Creator”.

In this example a JEM Roadie X-Stream is used.

Before starting to make the fixture there are some things that are to be prepared.
Find the DMX table and a Fixture picture.

See Link Fixture Creator - Before making a fixture.
See Link Fixture Creator - Pictures and Icons

Open Fixture Creator

Open “Fixture Creator” in Fogger, Hazer mode.

Add manufacture name (Remember to spell correct), give the fixture a proper name, add picture and fill in info in the text box.
Set the total channels to 2, in this case the fixture occupies 2 DMX channel.
Set the Fog and Fan channel. In the DMX table channel 1 is Fog level and Channel 2 is Fan control.
Set the Min and Max values for the two channels here 0 and 255.

Channel Description.

It may look like a minor thing to enter the Channel description and the default and locate value but this is what makes the fixture proff.
Here 0 is selected to default because it is then default off.
Locate is set to 255, Full on.

Fixture Creator - Channel Description

Remember to save the fixture follow the name convention. Fixture Creator - File Name Convention

Also remember when you have created a fixture then export it and upload it in the forum

Fog Panel

In FreeStyler the Fog panel will then look like this.

Panel Description - Fog / Smoke Panel

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