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Fixture Creator - Pictures and Icons

When you are to make a fixture, you want use pictures of the device, special icons of the gobos and so on. Some of them will be in the Creator but some times you have to get them yourself. Some you will find on the internet or you may take a picture yourself or you may want to draw an icon by yourself. To get a good result in Freestyler here are a small guidelines that may help you.

You will probably not find them in a usable size so you will have to find a decent editor and resize them. The pictures and icons are to be in BMP or GIF format After getting the correct size and format you are to copy them into the correct path.

There are 3 types of icon / pictures in the Fixture Creator. Fixture, Color and Gobo

Fixture images are to be in size 60 x 60 and are located in “c:\FreeStyler\Fixtures\”

The 60 x 60 are not always enough to get a decent icon but on the other hand it looks odd when you have some large pictures of a PAR can and some small pictures of movingheads. Here use your common sense and have a critical look on the picture when you place the fixture in Freestyler.

Color icons are to be in format 30 x 30 and are located in “c:\FreeStyler\Colors\”

Gobo icons are to be in format 30 x 30 and are located in “c:\FreeStyler\Gobos\”

To get Gobos you can use a camera.
Take a white background, display the gobo on it and then just take a picture of it.
With an image editor crop the picture to a square and change the resolution to 30×30 and save it.
The gobo are to fill allmost the whole picture if it has to be usable.
If it is laser light then a black background can be used.

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