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Scene and fading time

The Scene and fading time is the time a scene is present and the time used to shift from one scene to the next.

As a default in the Sequence editor the Fade and Scene time are set to equal. This can of course be changed but there are some issues that have to be taken into account.

As example here is a red and a blue channel from a fixture that we use.
It is set so the Scene time is 1000ms and then the 2 steps in the sequence.
The steps are:
1: Red = 255 and Blue = 0
2: Red = 0 and Blue = 255

In the first example Scene time and Fade time is equal.
This means that a scene is set and the value starts to fade towards the set value.
As the times for scene and fade is equal this means that the set value is reached at the same time as the next scene is set.
At this time ( 1000 ms) scene 1 starts to fade off and scene 2 starts to fade on.
As seen in the figure the max value is only present at one point.
In this example it also means that they are always a mix of colors.

If a clear shift like on / off is wanted then the faders have to be set to “Snap
This will give an instant shift from one value to an other.
Here the vales are direct 0 → 255 → 0 ….

If the Fade time mentioned above is set lower than the Scene time then the “Set value” is present for a time.

As seen in this figure the fade time is here 500 ms and the scene time is 1000 ms.
This means that the set value 255 is reached after 500 ms and the hold 500 ms (1000ms – 500 ms)

In this figure the fade time is longer than the scene time.
Fade time is 2000 mS
This means that the “set value” 255 is never reached.
When the scene is shifted then the fader has only reached 50% of the “set value” which in this case gives 127.

This may be a wanted effect but has to be used with caution.

One of the things that are to be noted is the start values.
If the fixture has a setting blue = 255 from an old sequence and this new sequence is started then it starts to fade but take a long time to reach down to the wanted value.
This can in some cases mean that the blue = 0 is only reached when the sequence has been running for a long time and then the effect is a blue pattern different from the 0 – 127 – 0 as shown in the figure above.
In other words it has an unwanted settling pattern.

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