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Fixture Creator - File Name Convention

Here is a small guide to fixture and file names.

Be sure to spell / make the manufacture name correct especially if a fixture folder exist.

If the name is made just a bit different then a new folder will be made for the same manufacture.

Fixture name:

This name is the name that are displayed in the FreeStyler under the Fixture icon.

The name is a tradeoff because here it is not necessary to include manufacture name and if the name gets to long the there are much text under the icon.

File Name:

File name should also be made unique. It is not enough just name a Par can “Par_56” because it don’t make a name relation to the manufacture and second when then next fixture are to be save then the name has to be something like “Par_56_01”

So use manufacture name and the device name that the manufacture uses to identify the device with.

Something like this Robe ClubSpot.

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