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Fixture Creator - Before making a fixture.

Some things to prepare before starting to make a fixture.

User-manual, DMX table.
To make a fixture the DMX table are needed and to get this, look in the box from the fixture, search the internet, contact the supplier eventually look at other brands (Some fixtures are sold under many names).
If the manual / DMX table don’t exist then it is a bit more tricky.
See: If I don't have the DMX table

Image of the fixture.
Get a image of the fixture. Most fixture images can be found on the internet. If no images are available then a snapshot of the fixture on a white background can be used.
Find / use a picture manipulation program to crop the images into a square and resize it.
See: Pictures and Icons

Gobo and color images.
Gobo images can be difficult to find but again search the internet, contact the manufacturers hotline.
Look at other brands, other controller programs, and so on.
Some controller software comes in a demo version and may have a fixture where the images can be copied from.
If something usable is found then it is always possible to make a “Print Screen” and crop the images.

The easy solution could be just to make the fixture, use number icons and then, when the fixture works take some snapshots of the gobos.
The same for colors. If images of the colors can not be found then use some of the color shades in the library.
If no images are available the a snapshot of the gobo can be used.
This can be made by turn fixture “on” and on a white background snapshots can be made.
Find / use a picture manipulation program to crop the images to a square and resize it.
It can be a large task. Example is the Laserworld animation laser with 160 patterns.

See: Pictures and Icons
If number icons are used then try to substitute them as fast as possible.

Take the time to do this part properly because this fixture will last for many years and the satisfaction of having a pro looking fixture will be a joy each time it is used.

Here again the Laser with 160 images is almost impossible to use with numbers but a joy to use with real images.

Completing the fixture.
When the fixture is completed then Export it in Fixture Creator and save the exported file for backup.

Additional as a user of the freestyler community upload the file to FS forum.

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