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Fixture Creator - If I don’t have the DMX table.

This page is open for suggestions!!!!!!!

If the manual don’t exist and the DMX table can’t be found then the alternative could be to look at other controller programs.
If the fixture exist and there are a demo version of the sw then the DMX values can be retrieved that way.
The hard thing is here to get through all the settings in these programs.

Finally there is the hard way where a dummy fixture is made and then the DMX table is generated by moving the fader one by one.
It can be tricky.

Create a fixture with no inputs only the total “channel no”.
On some fixtures the number of channel are stated.
Here a 30 channels fixture has been made.

The basic idea is now that there are 30 faders available in the right side of Freestyler.

Use the fader one by one to figure out what they are controlling.
Lamp on /off, music control, shutter, strobe, movement, gobos and so on.

Here it is a god idea to be systematic so only one fader at the time is tuned.
Some of the faders only has a control function when other are on a defined value.

Speed controls can be difficult to detect.

It is important to get the total number of channel correct so no overlap on DMX channels will appear.
Also it is worth to note that a reset channel can be present.

In general this is an iterative process where each time a new functionality is found it is recorded.

This page is open for suggestions!!!!!!!

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