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ARC2 + D

Enter manufacture name “Chauvet”, Fixture name “ColoradoZoomW 5ch” and Select the fixture picture.
Enter basic info in the textbox.

Enter then Total Channel. Here in this mode it is 5.

Check “on” the CMY and some new control boxes get visible.
Check “on” RGB.
And enter the Red, Green and Blue Channel.
Additional the fixture has a white channel.
Fixture Creator has two white channel contols W1 and W2. Here W1 is chosen. There is no difference if the one or the other are used.

Link to Fixture Creator - Color configuration

In this mode an intensity channel is also available this is entered in the Lamp control. And to make a shutter function the intensity channel is also added to Shutter channel where full intensity, DMX value 255, correspond to “Open” and DMX value 0 correspond to “Closed”

Fixture Creator - Lamp Configuration

Enter the correct Channel description.
Add the Locate and default values.
See Link Fixture Creator - Channel Description

Save the fixture with a proper name.
See Fixture Creator - File Name Convention

Test the fixture and when it works, export it and upload it to the forum.

In FreeStyler the will be a lamp and color control panel.

Link to Panel Description - Lamp Panel

Link to Panel Description - Color Panel

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