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Setup 3D Easy View

This is a small 3D Magic view stage made for tutorial only.
The intention is to give the reader a feeling with FreeStyler without having the physical setup.

There are some sequences, cue and other tutorials that are related to this fixture setup and these can be downloaded and played with.

The following files are to be copied or unpacked in the correct folders.

Normally the 3D magic view are placed under FreeStyler and this will be the guide the here.

Unpack / Import in the “freestyler\” folder.

Unpack in “FreeStyler\ScanLibrary\Geni\”

Unpack and in “FreeStyler\ScanLibrary\Kam\”

Unpack in “FreeStyler\ScanLibrary\Martin\”

Then start FreeStyler.

Set the interface to Virtual.

Start 3D on the toolbar.

In the 3D window “Open”, “Stage2”.

And the stage should look like this.

Note the lower right corner.
It shows that 3D Easy View is connected to FreeStyler.

The patch table can be found under “Add fixtures” looks like this.

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