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Output Menu

In this menu Lock Output and Show Output are available.

Lock Output

This function freeze the output from FreeStyler.
All fixtures will get a red box and in the menu bar a padlock is shown (Right side).
To unlock click “Lock Output” again.

Show Output

This window monitor the actual output value on the channels.

If a channel has been manipulated then the text will be shown as white on a red background.

The manipulation can be patching to an other channel or a correction offset.
See: Patch and Correction
NOTE: this windows show the actual DMX value's (3d view can act differnt then this window.)

By right clicking on a channel the popup menu bellow appears.

Invert Channel

This function inverts the output.
Normal the fader from 0 to 100 % gives the DMX value 0 to 255. Inverted the fader 0 to 100 % giver the DMX values 255 to 0.

Disable Channel

Disable the single channel so the value for this channel will not change but continue having the value from the time where it was disabled.

Remove Channel from playback

Remove channel from playback, stopts the channels that are active in the Submaster, Cue window, Cuelistbuttons.
also look at: Override / Blue triangle

Reset channel settings

Remove lowest, highest limit, invert, disable, patching and correction for the single channel.

Reset all channel settings

Same as above but for all channel.

Set as lowest limit

Is set by moving the control for this channel to a given value and then “Set as lowest limit”
The value from the control can not go lower than this value.
It is reset by Reset channel settings.

Set as highest limit

Same as above but just for highest limit.

Remove limits

This simply removes the limits that are set with “Set as lowest limit” and/or “Set as highest limit”.

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