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The Override systems in freestyler or the Blue triangle

Why do I see a blue triangle, This is a Note that your making a Override.

The blue triangle can appear with two reasons:

1)You have used a override button

2)You made a Manual override

1.You have used a Override button

If you press a override button the blue triangle will appear.

This is nothing to worry about.

If you disable the override button the blue triangle will disappear.

You can also press “Disable buttons” this will disable all active override buttons

2.You made a Manual override

If you playback some sequences wih the cue window / Fast cue buttons / Submaster or Sound to light.

And you press/drag with the mouse a Fader on the right or some macros’ in the Lamp/Gobo/Color/pan-tilt/iris – Focus window there will also appear a blue triangle this means you made a manual override.

To clear al the manual override you can press “Release all“

You can also Release Separate channels

You can do it by pressing on the little blue triangle on the faders or panels


Layer1(Override): Red : Between Manual override and override buttons, Manual Override will Allways win!
Layer1(Override): Blue: Between Manual override and override buttons you can Enable “Highest Priority” on the Overridebutton Options and it will work like LTP = Letest takes Precedence.
Layer2(Playback): Between submaster, cue and fastcue buttons you also have LTP

Layer1(Override) Will allways win from Layer2(Playback).\\'
so if you make a Manual override or use a override button it will override the Submaster, cue, fast cue buttons or Default Fixture value.

Also look at

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