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Swap, Inverse Pan and Tilt

This is a small description of the swap Pan/Tilt and inverse channel.

Swap Pan/Tilt.
When a fixture is placed in a 90 deg. angle pan and tilt will be a bit difficult to operate because the pan will control the up-down movement and the tilt will control the horizontal movement of the light.
To get it back to a logical operation pan and tilt can be swapped in the Fixture drop down menu.
This will bring the Pan control to control the horizontal movement again and tilt to control the vertical movement.

In the figure bellow fixture mounted at the top has a normal pan – tilt operation.
The fixture mounted left, bottom has also the normal pan – tilt operation which is a bit difficult to operate logically compared to the top mounted fixtures.
The fixture mounted right, bottom has pan – tilt swapped and will be a bit easier to control with pan and tilt control.

Depending on the mounting direction of the 90 deg. turned fixtures they may work in opposite direction.
In the figure bellow lower-left and upper-right fixture are working in opposite directions.
This may not be a problem but it can be changed individually for each channel to fit what suits the user best.
It will be logical to inverse tilt on the right site fixtures so when tilt goes up then the beam goes up for all fixtures.
The lower-right fixture has an inverted tilt so left and right fixture track.

Pan for the left and right fixtures goes towards center to the stage. This may be wanted or not and this can also be inverted so they both goes in the same direction.
Inverse can be found under Advanced Fixture Settings, Panel Description - Slider menu. and Output Menu.

Inverse pan and tilt can be changed at any time and takes immediately effect.
This can be used for some fast effect like having some beams moving in pattern towards center and then by inversing one of the pan they will move synchrone in a parallel pattern.
The optimal way is still to create a sequence because an inverse pan or tilt will affect all sequences using this channel.

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