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Switch fixture with on/off status indicator

It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basics in fixture creation.

The main issue here is to create a switch fixture with only two control values, 0 for off and 255 for on.
And additional to have a red or green image that indicates the state of the switch.

When a fixture in FreeStyler change gobos or colors on the related wheels it is shown with a small image on the side of the fixture.

This is in this case used to show the on / off state of the fixture.

Fixture Creator
In the image bellow an one channel fixture is created.
There is defined one gobo wheel with 2 gobos.

In the Gobo tab the 2 gobos are defined where Off = 0 is added with a red icon. The On = 255 is added with a Green icon.

Switches typically come in packages with more switches.
This means that the switch fixture is to be added more times to fit the actual package.
See Fixture Creator - Combined Fixtures.or Fixture Creator Tutorial - Center effect

Here an x 12 switch pack is shown.

Variant of the switch fixture. If the fixture is changed so the channel additional is added to the shutter channel then the relay will switch off when “Blackout” is used.

Blackout is not always wanted on all fixtures. This can be set on the drop down menu on the fixture where the is an “Ignore Blackout” option.
Alternative the fixture above without blackout can be used.

Also note that the blackout don’t change the on / off icon. This is due to the mix of function channels but on the other hand then the fixture icons then shows what the state will be when the fixture are not in blackout.
In the Lamp panel the “Open” and “Closed” buttons are available.
These can naturally also be used but as the “Blackout” the don’t update the indicator icon.

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