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Fixture Creator - Tutorial Middle value

From time to time the sentence “Set the DMX value to the middle value” pops up. And what does it actually means.

It comes from the use of color and gobo wheels and how accurate they can be placed.

A color wheel may have the following definition.

0 – 5 White
22 – 27 Red
45 – 50 Yellow
67 – 72 Green
90 - 95 Blue
112 - 117 Violet
135 – 140 Cyan
157 – 162 Pink

In the range from 22 to 27 the light will be red.

With the value 22 it is in one side of the red filter

And with the value 27 it is in the other side of the red filter

By using the middle value 25 the light center will be in the middle of the red filter.
If there is a slight error in the position of the color wheel then the neighbor color may be seen.
It is a bit like parking a car in a parking spot.
Placing the car next to the right or left line the car is inside the spot but placing in the middle is the safest way to do this.

So this is why the middle value are to be used as values in the tables.

The plot bellow shows inaccuracy in the color wheel which courses the next color to be visible.

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