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Is the playback control of sequence. More sequences can be played at the same time.

Cue list.

Is a list that can contain up to 20 sequences that are played back in the Cue window, Cuelist buttons or Submasters.

FC: Fixture Creator

Fixture Creator is a standalone program which is part of the FreeStyler installation.
It is as the mane says used to create or edit fixtures that are used by FreeStyler.
Fixture Creator is located in the same folder as Freestyler and are started from the desktop or the “Start” menu → FreeStyler program folder.

FS: Freestyler

fxt file

This is the raw fixture configuration files that Freestyler uses.

HTP: Highest Takes Precedence

When controlling conventional lights, you normally use HTP.

LoTP: Lowest Takes Precedence

Under some circumstances you can use LoTP on any type of lights for some 'special' functions.

LTP: Latest Takes Precedence

When controlling intelligent lights, you normally use LTP.

Manual Overriding.

This is when the manual fixture control is used though sequences are played back.
The Override systems in freestyler or the Blue triangle

== Pan / Panning ==
This in general the sidewise, left / right, movement of light in fixtures like Scanners and Moving heads.

pff file

This is a packed fixture file and this file contain all settings,images, color and gobo images for the fixture.
See: Fixture Creator - How to backup and exchange fixtures


Is a number of scenes where each change in the fixture control is recorded step by step.



SM: Submaster

Is the playback control for cuelist



Tilt / Tilting

This in general the up / down movement of light in fixtures like Scanners and Moving heads.

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