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Remote control via wifi

Freestyler can be remotely controlled via smart phone or tablet, allowing the user to move around and still keep in control of Freestyler or adjust their lighting.
It may also serve as a secondary touch screen to compliment alongside the main display.

To remote control from a smart phone or a tablet a PC a wifi connection is needed.
Most new laptops are fitted with wifi cards as standard, alternatively a usb wifi dongle can be used.
If no wifi is available at your venue you may want to purchase a cheap wifi router, even a basic cable router will work fine.

Once you have a wifi network created and both your PC and Device are connected, you will need to install the appropriate Freestyler Remote App.

They can be found here for the various OS systems.

• FreeStyler DMX Remote By MMAX

• FreeStyler DMX Remote ANDROID By Mattotone

The apps are created by various FreeStyler users and are therefore different from one to another.
They are not described here and the best way to learn about them is by try and error.

There are also wireless midi controls available from various suppliers. These can be a nice alternative as “dmxlighting” describes here.

The Wiki page for TouchOSC is a work in progress at the moment and will cover installation as well as making layouts.


When FreeStyler is remote controlled this radio wave icon is shown in the upper right corner of the FreeStyler window.

For Iphone And Windows 8, you will need to obtain the IP Address of the freestyler machine.
This can be obtained using the FreeStyler_Remote_Connection_Test program, or by typing IPCONFIG into a command prompt.
This Ip address is to be used in the apps connection page. If a port is asked for the default port is 3332
For Android, FreeStyler and the remote device normally connect automatically and should be straight forward to use.

However it can be a bit difficult to figure out what goes wrong if they fail to connect.
Mattotone has developed a small test tool which can help to figure out what is going wrong if they fail to connect.

This tool is named “FreeStyler_Remote_Connection_Test” FreeStyler Remote Connection Test

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