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FreeStyler Remote Connection Test

“FreeStyler_Remote_Connection_Test” is a small test program which can be used to test if it is possible to remote connect to FreeStyler created by Mattotone.

The test tool can be used “Local” meaning FreeStyler_Remote_Connection_Test and FreeStyler are placed on the same PC.
Or “Remote” where FreeStyler and FreeStyler_Remote_Connection_Test are placed on two separate PC’s.
In case of “Remote Test” the IP address of the PC where FreeStyler is running on are to be entered in the entry box.

The test consists of 6 steps.
1: FreeStyler Running,
Check if FreeStyler is running.\ If it is not found then check manually that FreeStyler has been started. Eventually check the PC task list.

2: Computer Accepting LOCAL Connections on Port 3332
Check if FreeStyler has opened port 3332.
If fail then the program will report which other program installed on your pc is currently using port 3332.
Close that program and re run the test program.

3: local server ip address is
Gets the IP address of the PC as info to the user. In this case it is
Use this ip if requiring to manually connect the app.

4: Windows firewall Running: True
Check if firewall is running.
If not running then your PC is at risk, but is not the cause for preventing the remotes from talking to Freestyler, Perhaps you have an alternate firewall running? Ensure Freestyler and port 3332 is open.

5: Windows firewall freestyler Found: True
If this is not the case you will need to add Freestyler to windows firewall.

6: Windows firewall port open: False
If this is not the case you will need to add port 333 to windows firewall.
The App will attempt to do this for you, but you may need to add this manually

The program can be found here

Unable to reconnect / connect
Occasionally Freestyler will block incoming connections, due to a previous connection not disconnecting cleanly.
I.e Wifi Dropout, To Resolve right click on the connection icon and press disconnect All

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