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Multi Colored Buttons?

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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Multi Colored Buttons?

Post by DJDaveSA »

Hi all. I am trying to map a Numark Orbit to control cuelists and blackout and smoke. I can programe the buttons fine and the jog wheel works great for the master intensity.
My question is? Is there a way to change the color of the buttons so they are always lit in a certain color and then have them respond by changing color to whatever cuelist is active?

If it is not currently possible, I will put in a feature request.


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Re: Multi Colored Buttons?

Post by the_pproject »

I think its not possible. You can change the button - color in the Orbit Editor, but FS "reset" the color and it´s always white. (My experiences!)

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Re: Multi Colored Buttons?

Post by Boone »

Also for me works great but also colour is always black or white. Please can this be changed?

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Re: Multi Colored Buttons?

Post by Partyman »

You change the colors in the Freestyler midi setup area using numbers in the on/off columns. You will have to experiment to get the exact colors you want.

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Re: Multi Colored Buttons?

Post by pesga »

Maschine jam, vía hardware


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