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FreeStyler Fixtures Created

Fixture profiles for £15 GBP Minimum

Due to changes in employment, fixture creations can take up to a couple of weeks to be made. We can't promise any timescale for completion, sorry

To support the costs of running the forum you can now get Fixture Profiles created for any light that is not already available. this applies to all (Remember once you pay for the fixture its yours to do what ever indefinitely so if your importing and selling lights once you’ve paid the cost for one that’s it.)

The cost of fixture profile creation is now £15 per fixture at any size of channels.

The prices are Non-Negotiable it takes a lot of my little free time to create fixtures typically 2/3 hours extending to 7 or 8 hours on larger complicated fixtures.

Smoke/Haze/Strobe machines will be created FREE of charge if purchasing for any of the above price bands. Please note a Smoke/Haze/Strobe machine with a light will be classed as a 'light' and is not FREE

Terms & Conditions

You MUST be able to provide a manual, either a PDF, a link to the manual/dmx chart or photos/scans of your paper manual, If I cannot get hold of a manual I cannot create a fixture! You can only pay via PayPal but you do not need to have an account on PayPal as PayPal allows you to pay by card. You must pay before the fixture is released.

It can take up to 2 days to create a fixture properly this time frame is an estimate depending on my own job and free time means that sometimes it can take longer, with this in mind I cannot Guarantee delivery dates so if your in a rush be aware of this!

if there are any issues once created you’ll get full support only to correct any issues with the fixture profile.

YOUR SUPPLIED MANUAL is the only information I have to create fixtures if it doesn’t have the detail then I cannot add the detail! Gobo Images will not be added to fixtures a separate charge applies due to the extended effort involved in processing them, contact me for details.

You have 72 Hours from the moment you receive the files to test them for errors if you leave it longer than 72 hours than no changes will be made. If the fixture has been confirmed to be correct but there is still a problem than you must accept a TeamViewer meeting so I can control your FS installation whilst your light is connected to test. If the fixture is deemed not to work due to the wrong manual being supplied I incur no liability and as such you will have to find the correct manual and be charged again for creation.

I can not assist you in using FreeStyler once the fixture is created.

You Must be aware of which mode your using for example 16bit Mode etc as a fixture profile that you require must be built for the mode your using if not then it will cost you more for each mode you require.

To start this service first you must understand the above terms! Then please email above with your light details and the links to manuals or attach any images of the manuals (if you do this in the first instance I’ll get back to you much quicker with prices!) you will then be told the cost for the work which you then need to agree before I commit to creating the Fixture I will create the fixture first and when it is ready I will send you a PayPal Request for Payment once it is paid you will receive the files ASAP (just remember timezones I’m in the UK), Change your mind? Then simply don’t pay the fee when its requested I’ll be annoyed but hey its your choice!

Last but not least… REMEMBER it does not cost you anything to create fixtures yourself using Fixture Creator! Your simply paying for the time taken to create the fixture and all related artwork (Button images etc) to save your time and you are helping support the forum costs to which I’m the sole bearer of!


djSupport (FreeStyler Support Forum Admin)

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