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Cuelist Buttons

Cue list buttons are used to load a whole cue by pressing one button.
It loads all the sequence with all there optional settings and speed direct into cue.
This makes it possible to make a complete scene consisting of many, up to 20, small sequences that can be loaded just by one button press.
Compared to the use of Sub Master then Sub master gives the freedom to shift one sequence at the time in the Cue list where Cue list makes it possible to build a complete scene fix it and the just load it.
See Cue - Sequence relation

This can be handy in many cases and one could be a DJ that has to control music and light at the same time.
Compared to Sub master the DJ just has to press one Cue list button and the light is set. There is no selection of colors, intensity, shutter or movements as in Sub masters.

Cue list Buttons can of course be used together with Sub Masters but it can be a bit complex to operate this and still keep an overview.
The recommendation here will be to create the sequences, group them in cues and load the groups in Sub Masters.
Then create Cues for “Cue List Buttons” by using Sub Masters to load the single sequences into the cue and then saving the cue list.
This way the order of the sequences in the cue are kept and a color sequence will overwrite a movement sequence when it is loaded with the Sub Master.

It will this way be possible load a complete scene and then with Sub Master modify it.

It is possible to have 6 tabs with 16 buttons on each which gives a total of 96 buttons.

Attaching a Cue Direct
By click on the folder icon next to the COG wheel a window pops-up where it is possible to select a cue and drag it to the wanted Cue list Button.

Cue list Buttons Options
By pressing the COG wheel a drop down menu appears.

Add page.
Adding a new page / tab inclusive naming it.

Insert cuelist.
Open a window where it is possible to select and drag a cue to the wanted Cue list Buton.

Clear cuelist buttons.
Clear all cuelist buttons.

Restore only shutter channels.
Under normal conditions all values, except Pan and Tilt, are restored when a Cuelist Button are pressed off / disabled.
With “Restore only shutter channels” checked “on” only the shutter channel are restored.
All other channels will keep the value from the stop moment.

Keep cuelist running.
If a Cue is loaded with the Cue list Button the Button and the led in front of the button are turned on in “Cyan”.
Buy clicking the button again it is possible to turn “off” the cue again.

With “Keep cuelist running” checked “on” the last pressed Cuelist Button will always be enabled and loaded cue will therefore always be running.

Load cue only.
Normally all sequences in the Cue list will start running when a Cue list is loaded with a Cue list Button.
If checked on it don’t change Run / Stop on the cue list.
This means that if a movement sequence has been stopped manually in the Cue window then it will not be started when a new cue list is loaded with a Cue list Button.

It still loads the cue with all cue list option and speed.

Right click on the tab will give a drop down menu.

It is her possible to add a new tab/page and giving it a name.
Additional it is possible to Rename or remove the page.

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