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Cue - Sequence relation

The main tool / function to a light show is the cue.

A cue consist of sequence which can have a single step or many steps.
Each step represent a scene with settings of the fixtures.


An other way to load sequences into the cue is to use “Sub masters”.
With sub master the sequences are grouped in a cue file and then loaded into a “sub master” select box. Only one of the sequences in the cue file / “Sub Master” select box can be selected at the time and there by loaded into the Cue List in the cue window.

It the figure above color are grouped in the same cue file and thereby placed in the same select box. This makes sense because it is not possible, to have a blue and a red color, on the same fixture at the same time also it is not possible have an open and a closed shutter at the same fixture at the same time. (This works with LTP)
The sequences loaded into the line “no.” corresponding to the select box no.
Select box 1 goes into line 1 and select box 5 goes into line 5 in the cue list.
you also have 4 pages with 5 submasters that makes 20 submasters. so you can play 20 sequences at the time.
Click on the link so see more about the Submaster

Cuelist buttons

With the Cuelist buttons you can play 20 sequences with just one press of a button.
the picture above show a example of how you can create your cuelist file, but there are different way to do it.
-Cue Normal, just one press of a button.
-Cue Time code
-Cue Load cuelist only
See Cuelist Buttons

Note:a Cuelist file for the Cuelist buttons also saves Timecode HH:mm:ss and

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