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Cue List

The cue list is a collection of up to 20 sequence and is in basic the list created, edited and replayed in the CUE window.

A cue list can be stored and restored.

Restoring a cue list can be done by the “Fast CUE Switcher” which is the drop down box next to the cogwheel or by the cue list buttons.

Restoring a cue list is restoring all sequences in the list and this makes it possible to set all fixtures into positions, colors, on/off and so on with one mouse click and the shift comes synchron on all sequences.

The disadvantages is that even a small change like a color change requires a new list. Imagine the list shown above stored in 10 different variants to cover 10 different colors. And additional combinations of other sequences may course the numbers of cue lists to explode.

Note: It is in this case a good idea to use names on sequences and cue lists which are describing for the sequence or cue list. As you can see in the list above “Front_light_all_on” and “Stage_beams_all_on” are describing names but if they are placed in two different folders then they could both have a name like “All_on” and you will not be able to see which one turns on what in the CUE.

Cue list, Sub master.
In Sub master the cue list is and input and an output and need a bit different way thinking and operating.
When a cue list are to be used in sub masters then multiple list are build and each list is a group of functions.

From the picture above it could be split in groups like this:
Front_light_all_on: Group of shutter sequences for the front light
Front_light_Center: Group of pan and tilt positions / movements for the front light
Stage_beams_all_on: Group of shutter sequences for the stage beams.
Stage_beams_fan: Group of pan and tilt positions / movements for the stage beam
Color_all_red: Group of color sequences for all light.

The basic idea is here to make a cue list only containing colors. The sub master will then take the color cue list as input and for each control change made with the Sub master it will shift the dedicated row (here row 5).
In this way it is possible to shift color sequences live.
See Sub Master relation

In this case a cue list is made containing only color sequences for the fixtures. It is here saved with the name “Color”.
I Sub Master is the cue list added to a control panel.
Shutter_Front cue list is added to the first panel and this gives that all sequences in this panel is shifted into row1 in the cue window.
The color cue list from above is added to panel 5 and they will be shifted into row5 in the cue window.

Note: If the sequences include an intensity control channel then the slider next to the panel controls the intensity. Here they are all set to 100%.

When the Sub master is running the cue window is still engine which runs the sequences and it is the cue list in the cue window which is replayed.
Sub master only shift the highlighted sequence into the cue at the corresponding row.
Looking at the figure bellow then the names can be a bit difficult to identify but it is possible.

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