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Using Fixture Creator - Training Service

You must read all of this before agreeing to start

Ever wanted to know how to create fixtures but haven't got the time to read the tutorials or finding it difficult to understand?

Then for £155 GBP you can receive upto a maximum of 3 hours 1 on 1 practical training. I'll use a remote desktop connection to connect to your pc so I can see what your doing and take control of your pc to guide you through the process!

So here's what you'll get :

  • A brief introduction to DMX
  • An introduction to the Fixture Creator view
  • We will walk through building a fixture as we go
  • How to create images for use in Fixture Creator
  • Exporting the Fixture to share.
  • A maximum of 3 hours training, there is no minimum you may be a fast learner!
  • Approximately 1400+ pre made icons to add to fs's own.

The following rules apply :

  • Payment will be made at the commencement of training
  • The training can last no longer than 3 hours
  • Any of the payment is non-refundable once training commences if the computers cannot connect to each other using the software your money will be refunded and training will not commence, this is in part due to the three hours being reserved for you.
  • You must understand and be able to communicate in written english as a chat conversation will be initiated.
  • Your computer must be able and permission given for it to be controlled by myself this is so I can highlight certain things in the manual that you will need to input into fixture creator.
  • You must be willing to accept some small challenges to test your knowledge!!

If this appeals to you contact djSupport The Forum Admin @ to arrange a time slot.

The funds gained from this will be put back into the operating costs of the support forum! It's an ongoing cost that helps hundreds weekly!

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