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Fixture Creator - Fog Configuration

The Fog /Hazer fixture is quit simple to configure.

It is as in the “Fixture creator basics” with images, names standard things to enter.
See Basic Info

What is special for this control configuration is the Fog Level and the Fan channel.
Fog level ch. is used to control the fog intensity.
Fan channel is used to control the fan speed, normally in a hazer.
Both channel have a min and max setting to scale the fader in the fixture control panel.

Some fixtures has extra control functions these can be a part of the fog or fan channel or on a separate channel.
These functions are to be configured as a macro.
The Jem K1 Hazer has a “switch off the heater” on the fog channel and a “Primer” function on the fan channel.
These will normally be in the macro part.
See: Fixture Creator - Macro Configuration
The Fog / Hazer fixture macros are only present in the macro panel.
There is no show in option for these macros.

Remember to enter the Channel description See:Fixture Creator - Channel Description

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