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Using Behringer BCF2000

On this page I will discuss the use of Behringer BCF2000 midi controler with FS.

Videos and tutorials with BCF2000 and FreeStyler - Youtube (German)

This device is probably the most cost effective and versatile bit of kit that any FS user could invest in. This is not meant as free advertising or endorsement for the product, but as it is such a popular device I believe that its inclusion on the wiki is an important one.


Switching to BC Mode

Before using this device, make sure it is running in the “bC Mode” emulation. It should be by default. To change the mode:

  1. Switch OFF the BCF2000
  2. Push & hold the desired mode button (upper left corner, button with “bC” as description, under “Type” rotary)
  3. Switch ON the BCF2000 and wait until the selected mode is indicated in the display
  4. Release mode button

Setting Device to USB Mode 1 (U-1)

USB mode 1 (U-1) is used for controlling software via USB (like FreeStyler) and disables all the MIDI ports on the actual BCF2000.
Note: If this is not your desired setup, please refer to the BCF2000 user manuals for setting your desired mode of operation.

  1. Push & hold the EDIT button on the BCF2000, and press STORE button at the same time.
  2. Release both buttons
  3. Select U-1 by turning the “PUSH ENCODER 1” (uppermost left corner knob) until “U-1” is shown in the display area.
  4. Push the EXIT button

Configuring FreeStyler for MIDI

BCF2000 Note configuration

The BCF2000 can be configured from the software. BC-edit that are listed below.
Alternatively it can be configured directly via the encoders. manual_note_ setup_of_BCF2000

As an alternative to manual configuration, BCedit or BCmanager can be recommended.


Configuration Files

Found these on two different threads on the forum.

  • BCF2000 Configuration File: Freestyler.syx (optional - not needed for FS operation)
    Behavior: unknown
  • BCF2000 Configuration File: fs_setup (optional - not needed for FS operation)
    Behavior: comprised of 5 presets. Each preset only changes the channel numbers for the faders. All other buttons and encoders remain on the same channels for every page. - (This file was created by dmxlighting, this is my pesonal setup for the BCF for use in FS, contact me via the forum for more info) THIS FILE DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE



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