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Docooler / TataYang / U'King Moving Head Fixture-File

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Docooler / TataYang / U'King Moving Head Fixture-File

Post by stancecoke »

Hi there, im completely new to this topic. I've buyed a moving head from amazon. It's sold with several different brands.

I tried to create my own file using the fixture creator, but it is not selfexplaining :-(

Here is the description from the manual:
Docooler 90W RGBW moving head.jpg
Is there an existing fixture file that works with this device?
I found a 7 channel setup, but the channel adresses are different to my manual.

OK, I managed to build a basic setup for the 13 Channel mode. The Channels 5 -12 (LED1-8) are defined as custom sliders. You have to set the device to 13 Channel mode (second menu entry) ...

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