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Backup / Restore Bugs..

Disscussions on possible bugs in the current BETA.
YOU MUST FILE A BUG REPORT HERE before discussing possible bugs.

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YOU MUST FILE A BUG REPORT HERE before discussing possible bugs.
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Backup / Restore Bugs..

Post by Plasma »

Backup / Restore problems.

Firstly I've noticed when I do a backup or restore in the file progress list, I get about 46 entries which say ..


My background file for FreesStyler is called "Stage.jpg" and is located in \Images, this doesn't get backed up / restored, do I need to move it to another location?

Is this a bug?

Also after Installing a fresh copy of FS on a PC thats never had it installed before (I've tried this on 3 fresh PC's and its the same every time!), I ran it for the first time, completed the First Run Wizard, then restored my backup and chose exit. The program seemed to close but the "Freestyler512.exe" process was still running. I had to forcibly end this using Task Manager to be able to start the program again. After killing the process subsequent startups and shutdowns work fine, it only seems to be on the first run.


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