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Unlink the chase speed from submasters

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Starting to get to grips with FreeStyler
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Unlink the chase speed from submasters

Post by lightman1990 »

I have 2 submasters. One controlls the dimmer (and dimmer effects) of the MH's (SM1) and the other of the PAR's (SM2). When i change the dimmer effect of the MH's, e.g. from "full on" to "odd on off", the chase speed of the SM2 is resetted to 100%.

I don't want that chase speed is effected at all when i switch to another sequence inside a submaster. (hope i understand this correctly and use the correct terms)

I already tried to play with functions like "ignore masterspeed" and "do not restore channels" ???


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Re: Unlink the chase speed from submasters

Post by Rod_Horning »

You should report/request this on the bug tracker / feature request site:
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