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Couple touchscreen pages to midi pages

Questions regarding general external control forum.
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Couple touchscreen pages to midi pages

Post by PeterJack1975 »

Hi All,

My first post here after playing arounbd with Freestylers fore the past years.

I've always used a laptop with an APC mini as controller and this worked pretty ok.

Now i've bought a touchscreen and am creating a touchscreenpage that maches both my setup as well as the layout i use on de APC mini.

The mini uses 4 pages (and a shift-page as well).
1. Sequence control
2. Color control
3. Position control
4. Dimmer/Misc control

On the touchscreen i've made similar pages since that's the way i'm used to work and as a sound-engineer i dont have time to learn new tricks.

Would it somehow be possible to couple the touchscreen and midi pages?

I can use a touchscreenbutton to change midi-pages, but it wont switch the touchscreen in the same action and i can use a midi-button to change the touchscreenpage, but not the midi-page as the same time.

I've played with the idea to use a tool to map the midi-command for "midi page x" to 2 midi-commands, also resulting in "touchscreen page x". This could work, but i would prefer to have the APC follow the screen.

Any bright ideas?
Or maybe i've missed a feature ;-)


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