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Use DMX To Make Ambilight!

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Use DMX To Make Ambilight!

Post by Spirit »


Use Dmx to make Ambilight!

i was bored, lookt at google and came with this :D and i'm going to share it with you.
i used 8 led pars 5channel works with Enttec open/pro, velleman, DMX4u/all and more
when i used this program the led pars flashed a lot but i see now that is solved.

Also you need a very Fast PC i used a AMD2x3000mhz 4GB and a Nvidia 8800GT klok=660mhz with 512ram
and sometimes i had a delay. i only had this when i used .mkv File's.

also used with a Usb video-in Device this also works.

Download--> <--Download
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Re: Use DMX To Make Ambilight!

Post by Sabazios »

hi, the file is down ... wanted to experiment a little. have a nice evening!

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