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Another small bug - deleting a scene

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Another small bug - deleting a scene

Post by Crrispy »

I will file it in the bug report form as soon as it works again, meanwhile:

If using the "Delete" option in the "open scene" dialog box/list, the scene is deleted, but remains in the list until you close/reopen the "open scene" dialog box.

And also, it's not deleted in the cue or the buttons, so afterwards, trying to start it in the cue results in a "file not found" error, which is quite logical.
I think there should be a check if it is used before deleting the scene, asking "Warning, this scene is used in a cue or a button, are you sure you want to delete?". And if "yes", delete it from every reference in FS.

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Re: Another small bug - deleting a scene

Post by djSupport »

i think the above problem has been around for ages


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