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Sound to Light interface 2.x - Configuration


Audio source.
In this menu you can select the audio source you want to used as input.

On top
This option enabled always place the Sound 2 Light on the top so it isn’t hidden behind other panels.

Auto start.
This option enabled auto start the Sound 2 Light when it is opned.

Show debug messages
This open a small debug window which show some beat trigger information for debugging.

Sequence restart
This feature is used to restart a sequence when a beat signal is detected.
It can be useful if a sequence is used without loop. In this case the sequence will start at scene 1 stepping through the scenes until the next beat signal is detected. When the next beat signal is detected then the sequence will restart with scene 1.

Beat flash
This option links override buttons to the beat.
It makes it possible to trigger a button by the beat. The buttons on time is set by the “Flash time”

Flash time

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