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Blackout is a grand master function that turns on and off all lights with the click of one button.

Here is a small description of how it works:
It takes all shutters and closes / opens them with one button.
The shutter is in the Panel Description - Lamp Panel.

There will be this red box on the screen when it is active.

It may be necessary to have fixtures that are ignored when the “blackout” button is pressed.
For example: A DJ wants a light on himself at all times with one of his fixtures - “fixture A”.
The “fixture A” light intensity is to be adjusted once and the colour is to change with the rest of the setup.
“Fixture A” shutter is to be controlled seperately - making it possible to have a light on the dj when the rest of the lights are turned off with the “Blackout” button.

To do this the fixture can be set to ignore blackout .
This is done in “Add/Remove fixtures” - which can be found under the menu “Setup” → “Add/Remove fixtures”

Blackout with individual control, can of course also be made with cue / sequence but that is an other story.

Blackout Groups.
It is also possible to blackout single groups.
For more information see Blackout Groups.

If the blackout doesn't work as was expected then have a look in the troubleshooting.

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