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What is Magic 3D Easy View

The 3D Easy View is a program to visualize your programming.

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Instead of connecting fixtures to the USB – DMX dongle then the visualizer can be connected and it will be possible to see on a screen how the light behaves.
In the commercial version the visiualizer are sold with a DMX to USB dongle that can receive the DMX signal.
However in Freestyler it is an add-on and by setting the FreeStyler interface to Virtual then the two programs are connected internal so the USB dongles are not needed.

FreeStyler and 3D Easy View is not interactive programs. This means FreeStyler only control the light and 3D Easy View only show / simulate how the light will look.
It is not possible to change ex. color in the visualizer and then Freestyler record it with FreeStyler.

The fixtures for 3D Easy View are different from FreeStyler fixtures.
The FreeStyler fixture converts fader values, buttons and pressed icons to a DMX value.
The 3D Easy View fixture converts a DMX value to a light beam with direction, color and intensity.
The fixtures are created with Scanlibrary Editor which can be found in the Magic 3D Easy View folder.
Remember that fixtures for the Visualizer also are created by Nicolaudine / SunLite users. This means that there from time to time comes fixtures with errors or improper behavior just like FreeStyler and there is only one way to deal with this. Open the fixture and correct it you self.

SW Versions
As FreeSyler and 3D Easy View are not from the same developer then it is not sure that the FreeStyler install has the latest version of the visualizer.
The latest beta from Nicolaudia can always be found on there web-site.
Download the latest version and substitute the “exe” that FreeStyler uses.

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