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If you have FreeStyler already installed, skip to the Magic 3D Easy View installation.

FreeStyler Installation

  • FreeStyler requires Microsoft Net 3.5 to run. Download and install from
  • Download and install FreeStyler from
  • IMPORTANT: By default, FreeStyler installs into the C: drive's root directory “C:\FreeStyler”. A better directory to install into is “C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeStyler” folder. This is the “proper” installation folder for Windows programs. The term directory (DOS command prompt term) and folder (Windows desktop term) indicate the same thing.
  • Windows Firewall will pop up during the initial install, I allowed all 3 options which may not be necessary.
  • During the install, select the checkbox to download and install Magic 3D Easy View. It is really just a “download” option. You will need to manually install Magic 3D Easy View AFTER FreeStyler is installed. If you missed selecting the checkbox, all is not lost! Go to Nicolaudie and download the latest version.
  • Complete the installation of FreeStyler
  • Do NOT run FreeStyler yet.

Magic 3d Easy View Installation

  • IMPORTANT: Install Magic 3D Easy View into the SAME folder as where FreeStyler was installed in. The default location for FreeStyler is “C:\FreeStyler”. If you followed this guide for installing both FreeStyler and Magic 3D Easy View then use “C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeStyler”. If not, use the directory where you installed FreeStyler,most likely the default location “C:\FreeStyler”.
  • Windows Firewall will pop up during the initial install, I allowed all 3 options which may not be necessary.
  • Complete the installation
  • Do NOT run Magic 3D Easy View yet.
  • During Magic 3D Easy View installation, it will also install the SIUDI Drivers into the C:\SiudiDriver root directory. These are used if you have a Sunlite USB to DMX controller.


You will open Magic 3D Easy View from within FreeStyler. This allows FreeStyler to control Magic 3D Easy View. Normally, you will not run Magic 3D Easy View on its own.

  • Open FreeStyler
  • Select the Virtual Interface. If it doesn't automatically open to selecting the interface, go to FreeStyler Setup and select Interface Setup.

  • You should also see the 3D icon present in FreeStyler. This indicates that you've installed Magic 3D Easy View into the same directory as FreeStyler. If the icon is greyed out, then reinstall Magic 3D Easy View into the FreeStyler directory.

  • After clicking on the 3D icon, the Universe Patch dialogue window will open. There should be the option for for FreeStyler DMX Universe shown. If not, then go back and check your installation of Magic 3D Easy View.

  • Once Magic 3D Easy View opens, you should see:

Important Checks:

  • DMX Level and Universes Patch icons are present
  • Indicates that it is “Controlled by FreeStyler”
  • Indicates that it is in “Eco Mode” and not “Demo Mode”. Demo Mode is used when no virtual or hardware DMX interfaces are found.
  • Indicates that “DMX ON” with a Green LED.

If you've gotten this far, then it is working and good to go.


When I first turn on my computer and run FreeStyler then hit the Magic 3D Easy View button, sometimes nothing happens. Exiting FreeStyler and running it again fixes the problem and then Magic 3D Easy View works.

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