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 ==== Advanced Playback ==== ==== Advanced Playback ====
 \\ \\
-there are 4 differnt ​way'​s ​how you can playback ​your sequences, ​But you can only use one system at the time.\\+there are 4 different ​way's you can play back your sequences, ​but you can only use one system at time.\\
 \\ \\
 1. Cue window (Basic)\\ 1. Cue window (Basic)\\
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 [[playback:​submasters:​submaster_config|Submaster]]\\ [[playback:​submasters:​submaster_config|Submaster]]\\
 \\ \\
-X. Overide buttons (you can allways ​use this, to start the First step of a sequence. and more)\\+X. Overide buttons (you can always ​use this, to start the First step of a sequence. and more)\\
 \\ \\
 [[playback:​overridebuttons:​override_buttons | Programmable Override Buttons]]\\ [[playback:​overridebuttons:​override_buttons | Programmable Override Buttons]]\\
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