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SunTriX and LedTriX - How To


SunTriX and LedTriX are both matrix plug-ins for Freestyler.
These plug-ins allow you to create nice and attractive effects with a large number of fixtures (dimmer channels for SunTriX and RGB fixtures for LedTriX)


Before you can start using Suntrix and Ledtrix you must configure the addressing of the channels.

  1. Click “Setup”
  2. First set the matrix dimensions
  3. You can use the automatic addressing mode or you can set the addresses manually (just click a cell and start editing)
  • Startaddress: First RGB or dimmer channel of the first used fixture
  • Every … ch., skip… ch. : Only RGB and dimmer channels are needed all channels in between must be skipped.
  • Example: if your RGB fixtures have 5 channels (the first 3 are RGB) then you must skip 2 channels every 3 channels.

Once the addresses are set you can start using SunTrix and LedTrix.

Fine tuning: spacing and offset

Spacing : Used to spread the fixtures over the animation
Offset : move matrix start position (top, left by default)

Using SunTriX & LedTriX

Suntrix and Ledtrix have two layers: an animation layer and a text layer both with intensity and speed control and one master intensity control.
All settings can be saved under a macro button
- Animation: click an animation from the list, the animation starts to play
- Text: Input your text, color, font and click set.
- Set speed and intensity
- Press “Shift” key and press a macro button.
- Recall a macro with the F1…F12 keyboard shortcuts.

Custom animations

Animations are standard non-transparent gif animations.
Copy your .gif files in the animation directory (“\Plugins\Animations” and “\Plugins\Ledanimations”)
Suntrix automatically converts colored animations into grayscale.


All the above information is from the Suntrix and Ledtrix howto.pdf that can be found in the FreeStyler install folder.

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