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Fixture Creator - How to organize the different fixture files in one folder.

Here is small guide how to organize the different fixture files in one folder.

If you have many different fixtures available then it can be difficult remember which fixture file you normally use or if you are more people that build up the shows then be sure that it is the same fixture that you use.

You may modify the file so it fits your fixture or setup and when you then upgrade the fixture are overwritten and your show don’t look as expected.

Have a look bellow to see how you can organize the files and save them.

Rename and organize the file

The original fixture is the JBSYSTEM WINNER MKII.


By alternating the manufacture to “_Flynight” the fixture is placed in a folder here “Flynight” at the top. The underscore “_” places the fixture folder at the top. You now only have to look one place to find you fixture and it is at the top.

The file name is alternated to “Flynight” to sow it is a copy of the original that are used. The benefit is, that if you now want to modify the fixture so it fits you setup, then it is the “Flynight” file that is modified. It is the copy and not the original “Winner_MK_II” file that is modified. If later the Freestyler is updated and you chose to overwrite the fixture files then the modified file is not overwritten. You can then compare the new fixture with the one you use and decide if you want to use the new.


Here are an example of fixtures from different manufactures that has been moved.

They are moved to the Folder “_Flynight” at the top of the browser


An other good routine is to export the file and copy it to a safe backup place

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