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Fixture Creator - Introduction to Fixture Creator's "Show In" and "Formula" features

New in Fixture Creator version 5.5 and FreeStyler version 3.3.7 is the ability to add Formulas to macros, and to have macros Show In FreeStyler's fixture windows.

The “Show In” feature allows Macros to be conveniently placed in FreeStyler's fixture programming windows, and the “Formula” feature helps reduce overall macro count. When used together, the “Show In” and “Formula” features can add more functions to programming windows and greatly simplify the Macros window.

Before you start...

If you are creating a fixture profile from scratch, then Fixture Creator will automatically name your file when you save it.

If you are modifying an existing fixture, then you have the option to overwrite the old file with your new changes, or to create a new file with a new name.

[We have to decide which way is better.]

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