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Fixture Creator - Beam Configuration

Configuration of the Beam control in straight forward.

It is only faders that are to configured with a min and a max value.
Here the value 0 to 255 correspond to 0% - 100% on the faders.

If there is value in a row then the related control will not be shown in the Beam panel.

It will not make any sense to describe the configuration of each control but just mention that they can all be seen in the Beam Panel description.

Beam Panel

Is the size of the beam going from spot to wide.
Some fixtures has some fixed lenses that be added to change the beam size. These lenses can be controlled elsewhere. Normally on the gobo wheel or macro.

As the name says focus making the sharp.

Also as the name tell “Zoom”.

This move the prism into the beam.
Here it is a fader but normally it is an on / off value where 0% is off and 100% is on. The range in between are not defined.
Prism and Prism rotation are normally related.

Prism Rotation:
This control normally control the rotation direction and speed.

There is 2 Frost filter controls available.
Frost filter is normally an on / off value where 0% is off and 100% is on. The range in between are not defined.

Note: You can add icons for extra features in the Fixture Creator Macro menu.
The 3 “Lenses” icons have be added in the Macro panel and the Show in parameter set to Beam.
By pressing the white “+” in the green triangle (Down left) in the lamp Panel the extra icons is shown.
For further details see. Fixture Creator - Macro Configuration

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