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Fixture Creator - Auto Generator

== How to fill-in DMX vales in tables.

Looking into the DMX table the DMX value for each gobo / color / function is normally given in a range.
For instance Channel 3, gobo 2, it is the one named “MOVEMENT 1”, has the value range 8 to 38. The is made with a range, because some controller only have faders to control the fixture and this makes it difficult to set a precise value.
A god DMX value to enter in the gobo table is the middle value.
Here (23+38)/2 = 23 brings the gobo wheel to the middle.

The reason for selecting the middle value is that, if it is a wheel then the min and max value may bring the wheel in a position where gobo is not centered totally. The value between 2 gobos may bring the wheel in a position so two half gobos can be seen and this is normally to be avoided.

So entering the values in gobo table is just to calculate the middle value and enter it.
This can be done manually and for a few values it in an acceptable task to do.
Looking into the DMX table it can be seen that the steps in a fixed interval except from the first value.
If there is a fixed interval then Fixture Creator has a tool that can help generating these values.
In the gobo tab go to “Options” → “Auto generate values”
This will open the “Generate DMX values” popup

To check that the interval is correct the following can be done.
Enter the first value that has a fixed interval here 8 and the interval here 31 and press “Generate”.
All the gobo values shall now be equal the lower value in the DMX table.
Here it is 8, 39, 70, 101, 132, 163, 194, 225 and it fits.

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